a formal written defence of a cause
or one's opinions, position, or actions

"They both have a gift, Dori.
They can see inside you. If you are going to beat them,
you will have to understand them better
than they understand themselves."

Still coping with the death of her parents and the guilt she feels toward failing them, Dori meets a mysterious young man who offers a way for her to achieve what she most desires.

For her own reasons, Dori follows Lloyd back to his world. There, she discovers that her grand dream of destiny is nothing more than an illusion. The reality she faces is a broken, war-torn world.

The chaos of the collapse of an empire and a war spanning two generations is matched only by the rise to power of Glennick Goodwin, the benevolent dictator and scientist behind the new "utopian" world order.

Dori falls in with a group of rebels who each follow Lloyd for their own motivations. At first, Dori sees a simple solution, Lloyd's; destroy Glennick and set the "oppressed" free. But as Dori learns more about her companions, the circumstances and, especially, Mr. Goodwin, she starts to doubt the side she has chosen.

If she is to find the sense of purpose she came for, she must become as powerful a force as the two dangerous men she is caught between.